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The Reformed Reader is committed to the historic Baptist and Reformed faith. Learn and research Baptist history, doctrine, theology and biographies. Manual of theology [J. L Dagg on Amazon. com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Manual of Theology. by John L. Dagg, 1857. Preface. 1. Study of Religious Truth. 2. Doctrine of GOD.

3. The WILL and WORKS of God. John L. Dagg's Manual of Theology is divided into two volumes: the first a treatise on Christian doctrine, from the beginning to eschatology; the second, on church order and Baptist ecclesiology. Manual of Theology (Dagg) 20.

00 14. 00 (You save 6. 00) SKU: Manual of Church Order (Dagg) 18. 00 12. 00. Manual of Church Order This is the magnum opus of John L. Dagg, D. D. Dr. Dagg wrote the first Southern Baptist Systematic Theology. Readers will note that Dagg is thoroughly Reformed and Baptist. His theology is the theology of the founders of the Southern Baptist Convention. A Manual of Theology (1857) is an excellent example of Southern Baptist theology, one useful for catechetical, apologetic, and devotional purposes.

Dagg, John Leadley. A Manual of Theology (1857). Harrisonburg, VA: Gano Books, 1982. Manual of Theology John L. Dagg No preview available 2017. Manual of Theology John L. Dagg No preview available 1992. View all MANUAL OF THEOLOGY SECOND PART A TREATISE ON CHURCH ORDER BY J. L. DAGG That thou shouldst set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in Manual of Church Order. By J. L. Dagg. The Southern Baptist Publication Society, 1858.

Reprint, Gano Books: Harrisonburg, VA, 1990. 312 53 pages. Hardcover, 18. 00. The Southern Baptist Publication Society has failed to send us this volume, but we have been so fortunate as to obtain it in another way.

study theology, for the purpose of gratifying curiosity, or preparing for a profession, is an abuse and profanation of what ought to be regarded as most holy.

To learn things pertaining to God, merely for the sake of amusement, or secular advantage, or to gratify the mere love of knowledge, is to treat the Most High with contempt. An excellent Baptist theologian from the 19th century. Dagg's Manual of Theology, in its exalting of God's sovereignty and grace, should be required reading in all Baptist seminaries and Bible colleges. John L. Dagg's guide to theology offers superb spiritual insight from the viewpoint of a senior preacher and theologian of the American Baptist movement.

As Dagg's masterwork, the Manual of Theology contains honest and practical guide to the many aspects and qualities of Bible theology.

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