Manual canonet 28 rangefinder

The original Canon Canonet 28 viewfinder camera was launched in 1968. The later Canonet 28 35mm rangefinder camera is a cheaper consumer version of the famous Canonet QL17. The lens is a fixed 40mm f2. 8 Canon lens. It has fully programmed auto exposure with shutter speeds from 130 to 1600 Lomography Magazine Canon Canonet 28.

Canon Canonet 28 7 20 Share Tweet. This compact size rangefinder doesnt allow much freedom, its full automatic operated camera, i found myself unable to use it on very bright day or after sun went down, once the light meter shows over or underexposure the shutters locks.

! and loaded with a 400 A Brief History of the Canon Canonet Rangefinder. Jul 18, 2015 plasticbodied Canonet 28. the Canonet rangefinder might not be the best camera available when compared to higherend options Jul 25, 2012 These are my views on the Canonet 28 rangefinder camera.

Check out my other reviews on and remember to subscribe for more camera The Canonet 28 is a coupledrangefinder, leafshuttered 35mm camera with fully automatic exposure. Using the text or images on this website without permission on an ebay auction or any other site is a violation of federal law. The Canonet 28 35mm rangefinder camera, introduced in 1971 was a cheaper version of the famous Canonet QL17, but lacking the" Quick Load" feature and with a smaller maximum aperture.

The lens is a fixed 40mm f2. 8 Canon lens. New Listing EXCCanon Canonet 28 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera in Box, Manual From Japan Canon Rangefinder Canon Canonet 28 4. 5 out of 5 stars EXCCanon Canonet 28 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera in Box, Manual From Japan May 20, 2010 The 28 probably has one of the sharpest lens for a rangefinder that has ever been produced.

( Ok. here come the death threats! ! ) I find it as sharp if not sharper than the GIII 17, which admittedly I have never owned. Along with the Canonet 28, I also own a Canon A35F which also uses the 40mm f2. 8, 4 element, 3 group lens. The Canonet 28 is a high quality 35 mm compact rigid camera designed for general amateur photography. It is designed to use standard Manual canonet 28 rangefinder mm film of up to 36 exposures and is manufactured from diecast alloy with a satin chrome finish and covered in black grain leather.

Find great deals on eBay for canon canonet 28 camera. Shop with confidence. Apr 07, 2013 Canonet 28 Film Camera review film is never dead and will never die, i remember talking to a well known youtube photographer who said that film was dead funn Canon Canonet 28 Canon Canonet QL 2. 5. Canon Canonet Bell& Howell 2. 8 Posted 1228'04 613'09. CANONET 28 PDF MANUAL. OUTSIDE LINK: If you wish to have this (or any PDF file) printed and shipped to you, Canon Canonet Bell& Howell 2.


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