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ir33 is the basic complete set of controls selection offered by CAREL for applications in refrigeration. ir33 represents the maximum that CAREL technology has to offer in the field of applications for refrigeration. The four base versions (12Vac, 1224Vacdc, 230Vac and Vac) give rise to a vast range of products in different configurations.

ir33 DIN rail (DN33) is the CAREL proposal for the control of refrigeration units when a solution with DIN rail mounting is required.

These devices are completely compatible with the ir33 range in terms of both software and functions. Download the. pdf files for CAREL controllers here. click here for IR33 Parameters shortcut information. pdf download. click here for IR33 Manual. pdf download. click here for Carel EASY User Instruction. pdf download Carel IR33 Application Manual.

Universal controllers. Selection matrix Selection Matrix Carel IR33 Universal Series Part Number Guide Panel Mount Din Rail Mount One relay output Two relay output Four relay output One solid state output Four solid state output One relay one 010V output ir33 platform ir33 ir33 power ir33 DIN powercompact powercompact small mastercella User manual.

User manual. ENGLISH IMPORTANT WARNINGS CAREL bases the development of its products on decades of experience in HVAC, on the continuous investments in technological which are requiredindicated in the user manual, may Programming The Instrument To Modify The Setpoint \Oper Manuals PUB\Templates\Carel Controller\Carel Controller IR33.

pub This data derived from Carel Material: ir33 rel. 2. 0 For Case Specific Defaults See Serial Label Located Near The CAREL product is a stateoftheart product, whose operation is specifi ed in the technical documentation supplied with the product or can be downloaded, even prior to purchase, from the website www.

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