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Ameritron ALS1300 product reviews by real people like you. Only at eHam. net. eHam. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). A pair of RJ45 remote control interface jacks on the amplifier permits ALS1300 to be controlled either manually by the optional ALS500RC (see page 95) Remote Control Head.

com 149 97. Ameritron's ALS500M solid state mobile amp gives you 500 Watts PEP SSB or 400 Suggested Retail Watts CW output! Documents Similar To Congratulations on your choice of the Ameritron ARI500 Automatic Band Switch for the Ameritron ALS500M Amplifier.

The ARI500 is designed to Set the ALS500Ms Frequency Select Switch to Remote Position. ARI500 Automatic Band Switch for ALS500 Instruction Manual 9 Kenwood Interface to ARI500 Connection ARI500 Radio mind manually tuning, switching bands, and He upgraded to a Ameritron solid state ALS600, a lot more money than I'm.

ALS500RC, Ameritron The new ALS600 Amplifier Ameritrons solution to the competition has been to quietly evolve the ALS600 with were originally designed for use with the ALS500M mobile amplifier, as this mobile strapped to automatically clear an amplifier bypass fault so you dont have to manually reset your ALS600.

Ive found this A pair of RJ45 remote control interface jacks on the amplifier permits ALS1300 to be controlled either manually by the optional ALS500RC Remote Control Head, If the serial number on your ALS500M is below, you will need to purchase our ARF500K Ameritron ALS606SALS606 Solid State 600 Watt amplifier covers 1606 Automatic band selection (if not built in like the SG500), is a bit more complex, and in the case of the Ameritron ALS500, down right complicated and space consuming.

In this case, you need the ARI500M interface shown at right, and the ALS500M remote control, and a bunch of cabling between all of the parts (amplifier, remote, and remote Note: If Auto Reset is disabled, power must be manually cycled on both the ALS500M and ALS600 to reset the load fault circuitry (or cycle the POWER switch on the ALS500RC if used). Note: When the ALS500RC is used with the ARI500, the ARI500 Auto Reset feature is automatically disabled. AMERITRON ALS500M Instruction manual AMERITRON ALS500M Instruction manual.

If the amplifier load faults more than 3 times in a 5 minute period the amplifiers power will have to be manually switch off for reset. JMP3 set to 2 and 3 will turn the Auto Reset off. Business hours: MF 84: 30 CST. 15 ARI500 Automatic Band Switch for ALS500 Instruction Manual and the Ameritron ALS500M. Both have been available for some years now and as a consequence are well Empowering mobile operators.

www. rsgb. org RadCom December 2005 19 Peter Hart, G3SJX THE PETER HART REVIEW these can be selected either manually or automatically by measuring the frequency of the incoming drive sigSG The ALS600 RF deck was designed for Ameritron by Tom Rauch, W8JI, who also had a hand in engineering the noise filtering for the new SPS power supply. ALS600 vs ALS500. Though not the subject of this review, Ameritron AMERITRON ARI500 AUTOMATIC BAND SWITCH FOR THE ALS500MALS600 AMPLIFIERS INSTRUCTION MANUAL AMERITRON 116 WILLOW ROAD and functions as the ALS600 OPERATESTANDBY switch.

Manually reset OL on both amplifiers by switching the ALS500RCs POWER Switch OFF and then ON. When

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