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Prereg. Trainees need to be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) in order to be eligible for support. Information for preregistration trainees. Read about the common enquiries we receive from preregistration trainee pharmacists. READ MORE. OTHER AREAS OF THE GPHC SYLLABUS. Workshop: Your absolute guide to the Pre Reg exam.

Plan your revision right Find out more. Testimonials. What people are saying about The Pre Reg Manual. Get Web Now. We're the development team behind TPRM. We thought we'd take this opportunity to say that we think the new TPRM course content is great. The Pre Reg Manual was initially founded in 2014 by creating an active social media presence. The aim was to engage with preregistration pharmacists, aiding them with daily informative and digestible information across a variety of topics (such as Symptoms in Pharmacy, Calculations, Law and Ethics).

The ProPharmace 201 718 Preregistration Training Programme promises to be a special one as and help make sure you are in the best position to pass the GPhC registration assessment. The tofollow format and is supplemented with a ProPharmace training manual, training materials, numerous practice exam questions, and a fulllength mock Preregistration Manual. The manual provides an overview of preregistration training and the GPhC requirements for the training year. It sets out the performance standards against which your competencies will be measured during the training year.

Gphc Prereg Manual 2015 ReadDownload In 2016, preregistration trainees will sit the General Pharmaceutical Council's (GPhC) registration the GPhC prereg manual before your training year starts. Even my own trainees come into their training year. Read Online Download. PDF Uppsc Syllabus 2015 Pdf.

Download the prereg handbook and know your syllabus Download the GPHC Pre reg manual and make a bookmark of all the key registration dates because the last thing you will ever want is missing the deadline to register for the assessment (I know some mates that are so The NPAs Preregistration Pharmacist Training Programme focuses on the GPhC assessment syllabus and performance standards.

The course is written and delivered by a team of experienced pharmacists who will fully support and guide Preregistration students to develop into condent and competent pharmacists. PreRegRoom is established by Pharmacists from different sectors to assist preregistration trainees and their tutors to suceed during the preregistration year. Prereg manual now online The GPhC has launched an online resource for preregistration trainee pharmacists.

It replaces the hard copy manual previously sent to trainees and tutors with an easy to use website. The manual contains the performance standards that trainees must meet during their training year, the registration assessment syllabus

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