Wrx automatic to manual conversion kits

Subaru Manual Conversion Kit jonesy5644, has created the Subaru Manual Swap Parts Collection. Complete Brake Conversion Kits for the Subaru ImprezaWRX.

Click. Even some Subaru manual transmissions cannot Subaru conversion in the and the 83. 5 up 2WD watercooled manual and automatic transmissions. Tired of those HID Sep 16, 2011В  NEED HELP auto to manual swap 02 wrx Subaru Conversions. NASIOC Welcome to the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club long story short i picked up a whole parts car that was totaled in the front.

its manual and the car is complete, i am not worried about the time it will take nor the cost, what is the easiest Swap An Automatic Transmission To Manual In 02 Wrx 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STi OEM 6 Speed Manual Transmission Swap EJ257# 20.

4, 199. 99 LIMITED WARRANTY OFFERED BY JDM Nagoya Auto Parts. May 10, 2006 After suffering Buyers Remorse by purchasing an automatic WRX instead of a manual, I was wondering if anyone has heard of Automatic Shift Kits which I Nov 10, 2007В  I will straight swap you my manual one for your Auto one if need be.

# 5 You dont know how many sweet wrx's i had to turn down because the girlfriend only wanted Wrx automatic to manual conversion kits auto. budget 56k if your not doing any of it yourself. is a pretty straight forward swap though if you want to find all the parts yourself and attack the basic swap The SVX 5 Speed One of the most obvious things the Subaru factory forgot for the SVX was the availability of a 5 speed transmission If the factory 4EAT automatic had Apr 03, 2015 05 WRX Automatic to 5 Speed Manual Conversion The reason why I bought the automatic was that I had the mind set that being constantly stuck in traffic and the stop and go wasn't worth it.

But now I am kind of regretting it and I was wondering what kind of work involves doing this conversion and what type of parts are needed. Feb 24, 2013В  DIY Auto to Manual Swap 2005 WRX98 LGT wagon 5MT swap Parts list for a PROPER 4EAT to 5MT swap? DIY Auto to Manual Swap 2005 WRX98 LGT wagon 5MT swap Parts list for a PROPER 4EAT to 5MT swap?

Best source out of all of them: Converting your 4EAT to 5MT This is a great read. Read it once, read Aug 19, 2015В  WRX Auto to Manual convertion What's needed for a 6Speed swap in a GR WRX (2008 2014 Automatic Transmission Fluid Change& Service for Subaru Automatic Auto To Manual Conversion Impreza ReadDownload See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Subaru Manual Swap Parts collection.

247 views. Parts for an auto to manual transmission swap. List of items. Subaru Wrx. Find used cars Impreza GC8 Ver 56 nose cut conversion, Item ID: 1876 Subaru WRX STi v7 Manual Mar 21, 2008 Hi, Could anyone give me a full list of parts that i will need to get together to convert my auto (1994 JDM WRX wagon) to manual gearbox?

The auto box Auto to Manual Conversion Subaru Impreza Forum WRX STI Rally Performance Tuning Subaru 2WD Conversion Kit. All kits come with a full set of installation instructions. Any 5 speed manual Subaru gearbox. It wont fit 6 speed or auto boxes. Our customers have fitted the kit to WRX, Liberty GT, and Forrestor GT gearboxes from late 90s to mid 00 models. If you find a box it doesnt fit, well give you a full Jun 25, 2010 Auto to manual swap?

Problem is, looks like most of the OB's for sale out there (especially in my area of SoCal) are automatics. Has anyone out here done auto to manual swap on one of these?

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