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Note: Manuals will not be available in hardcopy unless the local Command decides to print them. USCG Directives System. This site, maintained by CG612, Medals and awards manual cg 125 many of the Directives listed below.

Coast Guard Military Medals and Awards Manual: M5520. 12B. Sep 4, 2001 Military Personal Security Program: M1650. 26: Aug 15, 2016Recognition Award Medals and Sports Medals for All Sports and Recognition Needs Custom Medals and Medallions for Your Team or League. Great Low Prices on Wrestling Medals, Soccer and Track Medals along with Insert Medals in Gold Silver and Bronze.

Militar y Medals and Awards Manual. COMDTINST M1650. 25E. governing the military medals and awards for all Coast Guard personnel Active and Reserve. and all other service members assigned to duty with the Coast Guard. 2. ACTION. All Coast Guard unit Commanders, Commanding Officers, OfficersInCharge, definitive document for all matters pertaining to Naval Service decorations, medals, and awards.

This Manual is supplemented by periodic MARADMINs that The Manual of Military Decorations and Awards. Recommendations to establish a new award must be addressed to who? SECNAV. The Medal of Honor is approved and awarded by whom? The President in name of Congress. The Navy Cross, Distinguish Service Medal and Silver Star Medals are approved and awarded by whom? COAST GUARD ORDER OF DISPLAYWEAR. refer to the Coast Guard Medals and Awards Manual, CMDTINST M1650.

25. How can I find out what Awards I am authorized? Honorable Discharge Lapel Pin Issue Regulations. Medal of Honor. Navy Cross Medal Issue Regulations. The Manual of Military Decorations& Awards (DoD 1348. 33M), hereinafter referred to as the DoD Awards Manual, provides guidance for Defense and Joint awards. 3. This manual implements policy, assigns responsibilities, and provides procedures for managing the DoD Military Decorations and Awards Program. This volume provides detailed information, and procedures for preparing and submitting DoD Joint decorations and awards, including: DoD 1348.

33M MANUAL OF MILITARY DECORATIONS& AWARDS September 1996 Incorporating Change 1, September 18, 2006 Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense Navy Personnel Command Support& Services US Navy Uniforms Uniform Regulations Navy Awards Precedence Chart.

Top Link Bar. Navy Personnel Command. Boards. Active Duty Enlisted. Decorations and Medals (Awards) Discharge Certificates; Electronic Service Record (ESR) Electronic Submission NEOCS Manual. NEOCS Manual Vol I; NEOCS Awards and decorations of the United States Coast Guard are military medals and ribbons of the United States Coast Guard which are currently issued under the United States Coast Guard U.

S. Department of Homeland Security. United States Coast Guard Mission Support Home. CG Home Page Overview News Room Reserve Coast Guard Military Medals and Awards Manual, COMDTINST M. 1650. 25E. Recognition Manual, COMDTINST M1650. 26. Mailing Address: COMMANDER PERSONNEL SERVICE CENTER.

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