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Leaf Porometer model SC1 D ECAGONS NEW steadystate Leaf instrument for measuring stomatal conductance. It does this by putting a leaf in series with two known conductance elements, and comparing the humidity measurements between them. This new porometer has two modes, automatic or manual. The auto mode eliminates subjectivity of The SC1s breakthrough steadystate technology makes it the best allaround instrument for measuring stomatal conductance. Quick measurements. Easy to use engineering. SC1 Leaf Porometer manual PDF 5.

22 MB. Need assistance with SC1 Leaf Porometer? Leaf Porometer Operators Manual 1. Introduction 1 1. Introduction Thank you for purchasing Decagon Devices Leaf Porometer. The Leaf Porometer is a device used to measure stomatal conductance in leaves. This manual is designed to help you understand the functions of your Leaf Porome SC1 Leaf Porometer Manual. Downloading Your Data This will transfer all saved measurement data on the Leaf Porometer to your computer.

1998 EN: 1998 Decagon Devices, Inc. Type of Equipment: Leaf Porometer Model Number: SC1 Year of First Manufacture: 2005 This is to certify that the Leaf Porometer, manufactured by Decagon Devices Leaf Porometer Operators Manual 1.

Introduction 2 Warranty The Leaf Porometer is covered by a standard, oneyear warranty on parts and labor, and is activated upon the A quick guide to calibrating the SC1 porometer Download PDF or Print Page Watch this video, or read the instructions below to learn how to calibrate the METER SC1 Leaf Porometer. The SC1 Leaf Porometer is an advanced, low cost scientific instrument for the measurement of stomatal conductance (gs) and transpiration.

SC1 LEAF POROMETER FOR STOMATAL CONDUCTANCE MEASUREMENTS. Measurements: Stomatal Conductance. The SC1's breakthrough steadystate technology makes getting accurate stomatal conductance measurements affordable and practical for everyday research.

SC1 Leaf Porometer Manual;

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