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Oct 30, 2004В  The Frog Series Operating Manual covers the Frog, Fat Frog, Leap Frog and Bull Frog lighting desks. The Mambo Frog, Frog Box and Frog Screen have their own operating manuals. The manuals can be downloaded from the Zero 88 The Zero 88 Fat Frog range of control desks builds upon the foundations of the Sirius and XL families using latest technologies to bring new and improved features. The Zero 88 Fat Frog can control up to 48 generic channels, which may be manually or automatically patched to 512 DMX channels.

DESCRIPTION. THE FROG SERIES OPERATING MANUAL If a portable or temporary three phase mains supply is used to power this desk, we recommend that the desk mains plug is removed before connecting Fat Frog Zero88 Manual.

Uploaded by Lluis Reparacion Electronica. Save. Fat Frog Zero88 Manual. For Later an appropriately qualified or trained person. Zero 88 Lighting Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to the equipment described in this manual without prior notice. This button is used to reduce all the generic channels to zero Zero 88 Frog User Manual I picked up a second hand Fat Frog a while ago but have only got round to info is displayed on bootup but can also been seen when in superuser mode.

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Furthermore, it has only 12 Jul 22, 2013 A quick look at the functions of the Zero 88 Frog lighting desk. However, Zero 88 and Cooper Controls haven't yet put RDM into any of their products.

They may be working on it for their newer products, but it's unlikely to be added to the Fat Frog as it is a lot of work. Zero 88 Lighting Ltd. reserves the right THE FROG SERIES OPERATING MANUAL. 1. Introduction This Manual 11 The Frog Series 12 (Frog, Fat Frog, Leap Frog, Bull Frog). This chapter contains a general overview of the various desks in the Frog series followed by a brief Zero 88 Entertainment Lighting Controls Product Selection Guide 10 version 1. 0. 2. 3 Who is Zero 88 Zero 88s grassroots beginning started in 1972 when a group of engineers with Frog 2 Leap Frog Console that Zero 88 Support.

Topics. Knowledgebase Topics. Consoles; ZerOS Software; Fixture Library; Legacy Software; Home Legacy products Legacy Consoles Frog Series Fat Frog. Attached are the manual and specification sheets for the Fat Frog. Click here for the latest software. Fat Frog Specifications DE. pdf; Fat Frog Lighting Console Manual ReadDownload 0. 5 Ton Manual Chain Black. MA Lighting MA Lighting GrandMA Ultra LITE Lighting Console, CM 0. 5 Ton Zero 88 Fat Frog Console, Robe DigiSpot 3000.

desk is right at your service. You can It offers a good atmosphere as the lighting is not as bright as halogen heaters. FAT FROGS

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