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Angus DannyN wrote: Does anyone know how to convert characters to numbers in Query400? ! ? Specifically, taking a character date field and converting it to a IBM Content Manager for iSeries: Application Programming Guide and Reference Electronic business and web serving Manual IBM Content Manager for iSeries: Getting Started with Client for Windows Electronic business and web serving Manual IBM Content Manager for TexAS400 Tutorial; Writing Queries and Looking at Print Output.

Most AS400's have the IBM provided query language QUERY400. If is an easy to use and powerful tool for viewing and printing data. Here, we will write a query to see some of the data in your CUST file. Then, we'll copy it and change it to create a printed report. This document explains how to use Query400 CURRENT(DATE) to select records.

Resolving the problem. Selecting by Date Using Query400. Other illustrations can be found in the online manual, Query for iSeries Use, which is located at the following Knowledge Center Web site: Contents About Query for iSeries Use. ix Who should read the Query for iSeries Use book.

ix Part 1. Introduction to Query for iSeries. 1 Chapter 1. Here can I use TRIM function with x9jbus filed to avoid blanks If anybody knows, please let me know. Asked: March 26, 2009 9: 34 AM Last I don't think this is possible in normal Query400 maybe with QM Query? (afraid that's something I don't know too much The Following are the AS400 String Scalar Functions. Char(X, F) Returns the stringrepresentation of a date, time or timestamp value, X. F is the format, (which is optional), and can be: USA, ISO, JUL or any defined system format.

Use String Manipulation BuiltIn Functions to Process External Files, thomas tom snyder, programming, rpg, as400, os400, Use String Manipulation BuiltIn Functions to Process External Files Details Thomas Snyder. Programming Want to modernize beyond Query400 and PC files transfers? DB2 for IBM i (AS400) query substr. Ask Question. up vote1 down vote favorite. I have 4850 g in a as400 database and I want to (query)substr before the" " and before the space between 50 and g.

Result I should get is 50. I'm searching for hours now and try and try but no luck. any help is welcome. AS400 Chapter 4: SQL Now that we've created a library and saw some basic AS400 features let's have a look at how we can create and manipulate tables using SQL.

You must create the DEMO library and define it has your current library to proceed with this chapter. Yes, this can be done with Query 400.

Select sort fields STORE. Select report summary functions sum amount column

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