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The Association TransCommunication (ATransC), formerly the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP), " An important modern day development in mediumship is spirit communications via an electronic device. This is most commonly known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)".

Sep 07, 2017В  Bill O'Neil Spiricom Footage Compilation" The Complete Spiricom Technical Manual" by Ron Ruiz& William Pimblott: The Spiricom Technical Report" by Ron Ruiz: our technical manual SPIRICOM; " SPIRICOM Its Development& Potential" you have been exposed to much information that is not encompassed by the sciences in which you operate.

If these concepts differ so greatly from your present awareness of self and universe, that you find them emotionally or intellectually upsetting; or if you are Oct 09, 2017 I recently came across an article about the development of soul phones. A comparison was given of how surreal it would have seemed in the early days of Spirius' system for handling of SMS is by far the most advanced you could ask for 15 years experience from the industry went into the development of our platforms, a development that also ensures a relatively simple process of customer tailoring in order to meet specific needs.

All systems have been developed using the latest technology with a fully scalable architecture. Spiricom Tech Manual Free download as PDF File (.

pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online for free. The COMPLETE Spiricom Technical Manual. January 9, 2017 Ron Ruiz No Comments. By Ron Ruiz& William Pimblott. The Ghost Was Not At 29 Megacycles. Did you know there was more than one version of the Spiricom Tech Manual? Complete Spiricom Technical Manual. P. S. its even autographed Unfortunately, the main players of this device have since passed on leaving only the Spiricom manual and various cassette tapes with audio bites from the machine in use.

The Mark IV along with the other test models currently reside at the Metascience Foundation in a small town in Florida. For the first time anywhere, you will have the opportunity to download the complete Final Version of the Spiricom Tech Manual Read More Spiricom Its Development& Potential SPIRICOM.

Apparatus invented by research engineer George W. Meek of the METAscience Foundation as a communication system with the dead. This particular development of an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) involves a frequency modulation system using supplementary audio tones. In contrast to the previously claimed EVP or Raudive voices system, which obtained very weak voice SPIRICOM an Electromagnetic Etheric Communication System George W Meek. Uploaded Please paste this inside the front cover of the SPIRICOM TECHNICAL MANUAL in your possession.

For purposes of perspective on Metascience Foundation's decade of research and development of SPIRICOM. is to contribute funds to individual researchers who simply as, The Spiricom Technical Manual.

Contrary to what many sources often state, the" Tech Manual" does not give a full schematic diagram for building any specific device. The manual development. Many people throughout the world have expressed their interest in trying to duplicate the results that Meek et al. claimed for the Please paste this inside the front cover of the SPIRICOM TECHNICAL MANUAL in your possession.

TO: Anyone Contemplating Developing Equipment to Converse with the" D e a d" : Chief of development and planning, Nortronics Division, Northrop Corp.Anaheim, Calif. Spiricom Ghost Talk Radio The Spiricom was a device used in the late 70s and early 80s for twoway radio communication with the dead.

Psychic user William O'Neil apparently spoke with a number of deceased, including former NASA scientist George J. Mueller, who helped him to improve the device over correspondence that lasted around three years.

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