Egt turbo tuning manual

Apr 05, 2013В  Lag to everyone is different and a manual will handle the turbo differently than an auto. It's all personal preference really. No one believes me that stock fuel spools this 66 EGT Vs AF Tuning.

Contributed By: SDSEFI There seems to be a lot of mystery and misinformation about using exhaust gas temperatures to tune engines.

Claims by many EGT gauge manufacturers about it being the best way to tune an engine must be qualified. Nov 09, 2016 Re: Tuning by Cylinder (AFR vs EGT) curious by Matt Cramer Tue Nov 08, 2016 5: 01 pm A wideband per cylinder is more accurate and allows closed loop control per cylinder, but an EGT probe per cylinder is a bit cheaper and can still get you a lot of the benefits. Tuning the fuel to air ratio for peak efficiency with an EGT Probe From the peak EGT, either increasing or decreasing the fuel to air ratio causes a change in Exhaust gas temperature.

Richer EGT cooling occurs because there is excess fuel cooling the exhaust stream via less than optimum burning, and leaner, heating occurs because there is Oct 04, 2012 it is pre turbo, and yes it was a typo haha my bad. I have a towing tune for the programmer and it was on when i was pulling the load. My boost gauge broke when i first put it in. its a 035psi gauge and when i first got on it i looked at the gauge and it was pinned so it over boosted and broke.

but i believe it its around 10 psi when towing. Jul 26, 2015 I can't exactly tell you if the turbo is stock, but I know it has a AFE intake, Edge CS programmer. From reading threads I also think I have stage 1 injectors as I can get 20lb boost.

What I need to know is when towing a 9Klb trailer I can easily get the EGT's to 1200 and more if I push it. Flash LEDs in Manual. Tuning. Gear Shift Table1 (default) Gear Shift Table2 (alternate) Pressure Control Table; The is an introduction to tuning with a programmable electronic fuel injection ECU. EGT refers to exhaust gas temperature. Aug 24, 2018 with egt there is a lot of" depends"really close to the head and they read the flame temp which most want, too far away gives a much cooler reading, what type of element its it an open couple give the fastest and accurate but life is short.

the only 2 definates in egt tuning is that when adjusting fuel the stoich mixture is the hottest and gets colder either richer or leaner than that and Stock L5P Turbo Limits The factory turbo is done at 505 flywheel hp, thats a gain of 60 horsepower. Above that point, the turbine drive pressure increases dramatically as does EGT and no more boost is available to safely add horsepower. EGT Explained. EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) is a very useful tuning tool when combined with a wideband O2 sensor.

EGT seemed to get a bad rap when used to try and determine actual AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) because it is influenced by many other factors as well. Jul 22, 2014 I've been searching and reading lots of posts trying to get my new to me 04. 5 up to speed for my usage. It's the first time I've had an auto so there is

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