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INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL Freestanding Model Cascade RETAIN THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE FREESTANDING PELLET FIRED STOVE These appliances must be Locate the Reservoir at the back end of the Cascade tub and use the provided hardware (38 x 3 34 bolts, flat washers, and hex nuts) to affix the reservoir to the frame of the tubs frame through the holes provided.

Cascade is approved for manufactured (mobile) home installation. This stove is manufactured and shipped with the UltraGrate installed, which enables it to burn both Premium grade and Standard grade Pump Version Installation and Operations Manual Description The Cascade controller offers automatic startstop control with easy configuration for a broad number of engine driven applications.

Specifications Power input: 935VDC continuous operates during total blackout for 2 sec. min. l Parts Manual 0 20D, 35D, 60D Carton Clamps [email protected] corporation of parts ordered from this manual.

@ Cascade Corporation 1981 Litho in U. S. A. Rev. Form 5216. Serial Number Index Serial Number Model Base Unit Group Page Cylinder Page Check Valve Page Solenoid User Manuals: Thermo Scientific& Cascade Sciences This is a supplemental manual that is designed to be read in conjunction with Thermo operation manual provided with Page 1. INSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL. Refer to enclosed warranty for operating parameters to ensure proper use with your water supply.

Cascade Owners Manual Inlet Discharge Important Safety Instructions Proper installation of your Cascade pump will help insure years of trouble free service.

1. Position the pump as near to the water and as low as is practical. This will help reduce cavitation and maximize your pumps output. 2. Protect the motor from excessive heat

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