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instructions and safety procedures. When you lend, give or sell the firearm, be sure this manual goes with it. FIREARMS SAFETY IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SHOOTER. ALWAYS TREAT ALL FIREARMS AS IF THEY WERE LOADED AT ALL TIMES! Owners Manual JW2000 COACH SHOTGUN 12 Ga.

& 20 Ga. Authentic features like fully functional rabbit ear hammers and double triggers Quality steel construction Oil rubbed walnut stained hardwood stock Rubber butt pad JW2000 Coach Shotgun Manual 2012 Century International Arms, Inc.

Page 3 4 Commandment# 6 If Your Gun Fails to Fire When the Trigger Is Pulled, Handle With Care If a cartridge or shell does not fire when the trigger is pulled, follow Commandment# 1 and keep the firearm s muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Jul 30, 2016 Unboxing& first shoot of the JW 2000 double barrel 12g shotgun. It's a little rough will need to wear in but you get what you pay for. 250 out the door i think it's worth the money, so far that is. Time will tell, more videos on this gun to follow.

You can help support Jolly Peanut by contributing 1 or more if you can. Norinco JW2000 DoubleBarreled Coach Guns Instruction Manual. This Owners Manual contains valuable information on operating safety. Understanding and Use of your New Coach Gun Firearm Safety Depends on You. Rear This Century Arms JW2000 Coach Shotgun mimics the" Old West" look and feel.

The 12gauge scatter shotgun has authentic features such as fully functional rabbit ear hammers and double triggers that can be fired individually or simultaneously. May 27, 2010В  chinese coach guns. Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by shotgunmessenger96, May if not, I might get the 99w and deactivate the fp block and make the tang saftey manual only.

If the Is your gun the 99w or the jw2000? Let me know if it starts to break down. I always have a turkey choke on my other shotgun, Warrior Talk Forums SHOTGUN SYSTEMS AND PLATFORMS Studies On Shotgun Gunfighting JW2000 Coach shotgun.

PDA. View Full Version: JW2000 Coach shotgun. pmacaiman. It also doesn't have a manual safety, so when you break it open you don't have to then worry about disengaging the safety before you cock it.

The Century JW2000 Coach 20 gauge ShotGuns are a quality, double barrel with dual triggers and external" rabbitear" hammers that must be cocked to fire.

The Century JW2000 Coach 20 may be a great choice for home defense or a day of shooting at the range and even for the cowboy action shooting comptetion at the club. Shop for JW2000 Coach (By Zhonghou Machine Works, China) parts and accessories with Numrich Gun Parts, the world's largest supplier of gun parts. Feb 12, 2009 JW ga coach gun; If this is your first visit, Many coach guns do not have ejectors, only extractors that lift the rounds a little bit out of the chamber for manual extraction.03: 14 PM# 3.

shooter157. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Aug 14, 2012В  Double Barrel Chinese 12 Gauge Shotgun JW2000 Coach gun review Shooting a Stoeger Coach Gun, trying slugs, JW2000 coach shotgun" review" JW2000 Coach Gun Manual [MAN050 Accessories Books& Manuals. Accessories Specific Firearm Parts and Accessories Shotguns JW2000 Coach Gun

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