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The ZX81 manual artwork by artist John Harris is now available to buy as an artwork from his website Jan 09, 2012В  Re: Sinclair ZX81 'PRINT AT' A couple of things were still horribly broken due to my wrong way to handle the 'CALLEE' mode. Updated files are now online and probably the nighlty job View and Download Sinclair ZX81 user manual online. ZX81 Desktop pdf manual download. servicing manual for zx printer.

list of contents. introduction. section 1 general information. section 2 system description. section 3 fault diagnosis and repair ZX81 Basic version 1. 02 manual Basic is an extender for the ZX81Basic, that can be used on a ZX81 without any hardware modifications. With Basic you will have modified and new ZX81Basic commands. PRINT USR PRINT USR Basic will then be ready to use again. When using the 16k variant this is not May 12, 2012 An old (1981) ZX81 computer from Sinclair Research (UK) prints on a miniscule aluminium foil printer (COMPUTARIUM: Setting up the ZX81& how to use this manual, whether or not you know BASIC.

CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3 A History lesson. CHAPTER 4 The Sinclair ZX81 as a pocket calculator Statement: PRINT with commas& semicolons Operations:, Expressions& scientific notation. CHAPTER 5 Sinclair ZX81 BASIC Programming by Steven Vickers Second The manual has been written specifically for users of the ZXpand Expansion Interface for the Sinclair ZX81 home computer.

The manual is intended to provide the PRINT 22 tells it to work out the sum 22 and display the answer on the TV screen. A message like this, telling the computer to do something straight away, is a command; this particular This system of pressing just one key to get more than one symbol is used a lot on the ZX81. In the rest of this manual, words with their own keys are Last Supper Painting on Canvas Wall Pictures for Living Room Retro Vintage Christian Religion Wooden Modern 5 Piece Framed Posters and Prints Giclee Print Gallery Wrap Artwork ZX81; User manual; Sinclair ZX81 User Manual.

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