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See detailed specifications and technical data for Rotary Rakes. Get more indepth insight on Kuhn Rotary Rakes and find specific machine specifications on LECTURA Specs. Jun 20, 2015 Timelapse reassembly of a Kuhn ga300gt rotary rake.

Kuhn provides a wide variety of haygathering tools giving you the ability to put up better quality hay. Rotary rakes speed hay drying by making fluffy, light and uniform windrows that Kuhn rotary rake manual faster. 40 rows Get acquainted with the specifications, technical documentation and operator's manuals of the Kuhn machines in Rotary Rakes category.

Those information will allow you to choose the machine that will be the most useful for you. Kuhn Rotary Rake Problem posted in Machinery: I have an older Kuhn GA300 3pt rotary rake. Mid summer it broke down on me. The rake will not turn with the PTO. When I lift it off the ground, the rake arm assembly seem to 'flop' around horizontally like something is broken inside just causing it to dangle.

I don't believe it is a roller pin because of this. Feb 04, 2010 Category Autos& Vehicles; Song Wander No MoreProlific Arts Music; Artist Prolific Arts Music; Album Prolific Arts Music; Licensed to YouTube by In the section above, we provide you with the operator's manuals, technical specs and documentation of Kuhn Rotary Rakes GA 300 GM.

All the available information can help you to determine the model of the machine you intend to buy. Mascus online platform also gives the opportunity to buy Kuhn Rotary Rakes GA 300 GM and to find out more about the Kuhn brand.

40 rowsВ  Kuhn Rotary Rakes specifications and manuals Below you will find specifications, manuals, data and technical documentation of the Kuhn machines in category Rotary Rakes. Specifications and technical documentation specify the requirements for the machine, which you intend to Re: Kuhn Rotary Rake Cam problem in reply to 1130Leo, 07: 54: 01 Finally managed to get the roll pin out, had to completely disassemble the rotor, remove the shaft base from the trailer of the rake, then use a dremel grinding tool thru the hole in the cam to take off the burrs on the roll pin to allow the cam to finally come off the shaft.

Gyrorakes Single rotor Good practices KUHN Gyrorakes KUHN, the pioneer in rotary rakes with guided arms, continues to provide farmers with Gyrorakes that increase productivity while reducing losses in the field.

KUHN Gyrorakes: KUHN rake tines feature large diameter coils and a refined The Kuhn GA 3200 GT singlerotor trailed rotary rake is the right machine for farms with smaller acreage and low or medium horsepower tractors.

Equipped with nine tine arms, these rakes feature a 106 working width. Nov 26, 2011 A friend of mine has asked me to try and repair his Kuhn rotary rake. Some how 2 of the arms have come out including the bearing that follows the cam in the center. Looks like the whole center has to come up and off the machine and all of teh arms will need to come off.

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