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SERVICE MANUAL HP 1650B1651B Logic Analyzer SERIAL NUMBERS This manual applies directly to instruments prefixed with serial number: 2924A For additional information about serial numbers see INSTRUMENTS COVERED BY THIS MANUAL in Section 1.

HP 1650B1651B Contents 1 Service Manual. HP 1650AHP 1651A LOGIC ANALYZERS Reference Manual The HP 1650A and 1651A logic analyzers are a new family of general purpose logic analyzers WIth improved features to accommodate next generation design tasks. Both the BOchannellIP 1650A and the azcbannelHP 1651A logic use the HP 1660CSseries logic analyzer.

It contains measurement examples, field and feature definitions, and a basic service guide. on what the menu fields do and how they are used. This manual covers all HP 1660CSseries analyzers. The Users Guide is divided into four parts. The first part, chapters 1 through 4, covers general product Read about 'Getting Logic Analyzer 1650A1651A to run' on element14.

com. Hi, I need help to get an old logic analyzer up and running. About nine month ago I found a Logic Analyzer 1650A computer in the trash. I took it home, If you ha'e an HP 1651A, the only diflerence is pod 1 will be essigned to analyzer 1 and pod 2 wIll be eesigned to analyzer 2 There won't be any pods in the UNASSIGNED area of the dIsplay Turning on the Instrument 24 3: 0 Probes. and Connecting the Logic Analyzer to the Target System Probelods Probes and probe pods allow you to connect the Nov 13, 2007 HP 1651A Logic Analyzer.

Question asked by lancematson on Nov 13, 2007 Latest reply on Nov 26, 2007 by dichheda. I found the OS files and manuals on the Agilent site, but I can't find any clear directions on creatingformatting the disk. People using this forum may or may note know about the obsolete Logic Analyer you are talking about. HP MODELS 1650A AND 1651A LOGIC ANALYZERS SERIAL NUMBERS Inslructlon manual symbol The product will be marked with this& ymbol when It Is necessary fOJ the user to refer to the Instruction manual In order HP 1650A51A TABLE OF CONTENTS Installation.

6 Welcome to HewlettPackard logic analyzers. The HP 1652B and HP 1653B Logic Analyzers are more than just another logic analyzer. They are an analyzer and oscilloscope in one instrument. Manual. Introducing. the HP 1652BHP ll. Getting Ready If you have just unpacked your new HP 1652B1653B logic analyzer,

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