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Instructors Manual Canadian Forces Video of loading and firing drill for Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle Video of a Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle being fired Download 84mm Carl Gustav Manual. 84mm Carl Gustav Manual. The Carl Gustav was developed by Hugo Abramson and Harald Jentzen at the Royal Swedish Arms Administration (KAFT) and produced at Carl Gustav Stads Gevrsfaktori from where it derives its name. The weapon was first introduced into Swedish service in 1. renamed Short Range AntiArmour Weapon (Medium) as a consequence of the introduction of the Short Range AntiArmour Weapon (Heavy) ERYX which carries a heavier explosive charge Carl Gustav M3 System General Use of 25 Metre Ranges and Indoor Training General CHAPTER 5 RANGE PRACTICES Introduction Aim (2) M3 84mm Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle.

The 84mm, M3 Carl Gustav recoilless rifle is lightweight and maneuverable with great penetrating power, making it a very useful weapon during urban combat. The MultiRole AntiArmor AntiPersonnel Weapon System (MAAWS) consists of the M3 Carl Gustaf Rifle and a family of 84mm ammunition. Originally fielded to the US Ranger in 1990, the program has grown to include NAVY Seals. The family of ammunition The new CarlGustaf M4 is a manportable multirole weapon system that provides high tactical flexibility through its wide range of ammunition types.

Since 1948, CarlGustaf has been supporting The CarlGustaf systems combat flexibility comes from its range of specialised ammunition. NSN: Recoilless Rifle, 84mm, M3, Carl Gustaf (NSN NIIN ) The M3 Multirole Antiarmor Antitank Weapon System (MAAWS) is the U. S. military designation for the Carl Gustaf M3 recoilless rifle.

It is primarily used by United States Special Operations Command such as the Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, Marine Raiders, Navy SEALs, and JSOC operators. The M3 Carl Gustav system is the principal platoon antiarmour gun because of its light weight. It has the ability to withstand arctic, tropic and desert conditions, see Instructor Notes.

11. Aug 06, 2011 The Carl Gustav M45 is known by several names, including Kulsprutepistol m45 (Kpist m45), the Swedish K SMG and even the US made copy called the Smith& Wesson M76. launcher variant of the 84 mm Carl Gustafseries multirole recoilless rifle the M4 which is currently in While the standard launcher sight is the same telescopic sight with a manual The system is a nondevelopmental item consisting of the Carl Gustav M3 (also written Carl Gustaf) reusable recoilless riflelauncher compatible with standard optical devices and other accessories.

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