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Feb 09, 2012В  The CMS50D currently comes with SpO2 Assistant 2. 1 software. This is claimed to support Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. you can download instructions or manuals if you want. do not install any software that comes with your 50D Return to CPAP and Sleep Apnea Message Board SpO 2 Assistant User Manual 1 1.

Foreword SpO 2 Assistant Software (called" Software" hereinafter) can real time monitor, review and analyse SpO 2, pulse rate and perfusion index (need support of device). In rea l time mode, the software collect the data uploaded from pulse oximeter to monitor such parameters as SpO 2, pulse rate and perfusion index (called" PI" for short); In Assistant USER MANUAL 527 CONTEC MEDICAL SYSTEMS CO.LTD.

1 CONTENTS 1. " A larm: SpO2 90, it means that the alarm happens for the reason of SpO. 2. 2. Contec SpO2 Assistant Frequently Asked Questions SpO2 Assistant from Contec Medical Systems is the primary platform for reporting SpO2 data on a Windows computer.

SPO2 Assistant Download Instructions 1). When you finish your recording, go into the menu of your oximeter and switch Record to Off. 2). When you first open the SPO2 Assistant The User Manual which describes the operating procedures should be followed strictly. Failure to follow the User Manual may lead to measurement abnormality, equipment malfunction (SpO2) and cardiac output. Figure 1. The use of pulse oximeters is limited by a number of factors: SpO 2 Assistant User Manual 1 CONTENTS Display the SpO2 and pulse rate trend chart for two hours at best.

D isplay the SpO 2, pulse rate and perfusion index real time data information. R eal time alarm information display for SpO 2 and pulse rate W aveform display Aug 19, 2018В  Just wanted to share my recent experience with the SpO2 Assistant software that came with my CMS50IW Pulse Oximeter. At first it all seemed simple enough, but I Manuals Downloads. SPO2 Review Software Newest Version V1.

5. SPO2 Review V1. 5. SPO2 Assistant Software Used for Windows 7 32 Bit Downloads V 2. 2. SPO2 Assistant V2. 2. Software to Download Pulse Oximeters on Windows 7 64 Bit SPO2 Review Version V1. 2. SPO2 Review V1. 2. SPO2 Assistant Software Used for Windows 7 64 Bit Downloads V 2. 1. Contec Pulse Oximeter CMS50FW Reference. Documents. CMS50F User Manual; SpO2 Assistant User Guide; Tips and Random Notes. Functionally, CMS50FW is very similar to CMS50EW and they share the same software.

See CMS50EW Reference for more support information. SpO2 Assistant User Manual 1 CONTENTS 1. Foreword. 1 Double click the installation file SpO2 SetupAssistant. exe andfollow installation guide (the filename may be differentbecauseof edition difference ). Wheninstalling, you may find theindication as

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