Microspeed cx operation manual

SELECTED FEATURES OUTSTANDING BENEFITS OUTSTANDING BENEFITSSELECTED FEATURES 5618 Plate Drive, East Dundee, Illinois USA Power Electronics MicroSpeed, Microspeed Motor, controls.

Varispeed. 3HP 575VAC 3Phase 4. 5Amp. Microspeed CX. Control: 115VAC. Applications: The only drive designed exclusively for cranes and hoists. CXDrive Operation Manual Revised June 2007. iv. v Notice: OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures by a qualified operator refer to the CXOne Setup Manual (W463) provided with CXOne. Precautions provides general precautions for using the CXDrive, Programmable Controller, and which can be looked up in this manual to determine why the drive faulted (See Fault Codes).

Programming Buttons On each MicroSpeed MV you will find three buttons marked Scroll (Load), Increase, And Microspeed MultiVector the MV series A. C. variable speed drives for No Load Brake style hoists and other equipment requiring fine control utilizing encorders Use the Microspeed CX Refer to your drives manual for more information about the U OUT: 0460V 1 HP 0400Hz 2.

2kVA 2. 9Amps IN: V 5060Hz Includes DigitalOperator JVOP100 NEMA 1 ENCLOSURE, TORQUE EXCEEDING 150 UNDER OPERATION AT 1Hz. 400V CLASS INVERTER. Operation Manual Use with ries of drives, including CX series among others. Utilize appropriate sections for your Coffing Hoist MD Series drive applications.

Power Electronics International, Inc. MicroSpeed MD Version 2. 1 Home Variable Frequency Drives MicroSpeed CX VFDs MicroSpeed CXR (140 HP) Refer to your drives manual for more information about the U parameters.

doublecheck wiring and the operation of the attached devices. Also check that the Auxiliary Trip Modes (L28 on most drives) has been programmed appropriately. (1011CQSX, CQ2X, CM2X) Particulate generation data for microspeed cylinder with clean room specifications are measured using the following test method. [Example of test method The test sample is in place in an acrylic chamber.

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