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Base Station Set 2. 4 Train Engineer. Includes Revolution Train Engineer Transmitter Control (CRE ) and one 15amp Super Receiver. (CRE ) Revolution Base Station Super Receiver item# CRE S revised When the first version of Aristo Craft's Revolution Base Unit came out two years ago I did a review of it and found it to be a very capable unit.

perhaps to take the place of our original Train Engineer, the fact that a proper case was not included created a We have been manufactured the Revolution 2.

4GHz DSSS Train Engineer System since 2007 I just looked at the Crest Train Engineer CRE manual on their Web site.

Some things I would consider before purchasing it: I too use the Aristo CraftCrest Train Engineer wireless throttles on my HO layout. I believe Aristo is planning to offer HO recievers for the Revolution as well. I use the 10, 10 channel model for HO and have Inside The Revolution Train Engineer AristoCraft as the Train Engineer Revolution went from a rough draft of an idea to a finished product. I received one of the first sample units in late November and have with the printed manual.

The highlights of the new Train Engineer GScale Trains. Like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest deals and news! Revolution OnBoard TXRX Set Steam Sound The 2. 4GHz radio system is bidirectional. That means that the transmitter not only sends commands to the locomotive but it also gets feedback from the receiver in the locomotive. AristoCraft G C16. AristoCraft Train Engineer Revolution CRE wireless throttle and receiver 5. Be sure to read and follow all instructions in the C16 manual and the Revolution manual (which you must print out from a CDROM).

Hook up the remote link switch. Put the battery card in run and then get the decoder to link up with Find great deals on eBay for aristocraft train engineer. Shop with confidence. ON BOARD RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL This manual describes proper installation and operation of the following products: CRE REVOLUTION TRAIN ENGINEER 2.

4 Ghz TRANSMITTER the Revolution TE you will find that AristoCraft has found an elegant, easy to Aristo Craft Train Engineer Revolution With Sound revised. Introduction Aristo Craft's original Revolution receiver did not have a builtin sound unit. If a model railroader wanted to add sound the receiver had to be interfaced to a 3rd party sound card from Dallee, Phoenix or some other company. A manual is available online at The Train Engineer is a device that is intended to be electrically inserted between your power pack and your track.

Your power pack is then set to full throttle and left alone. The TE then controls the power delivered to your track and provides the advantage of walk around wireless control. Read online or download PDF Page 2 40 Crest Electronics CRE TRAIN ENGINEER REVOLUTION MANUAL User Manual Crest Electronics Control panel Easily control up to 999 trains on your garden railroad from this one handheld with exceptional control of every aspect of your locomotive and accessories.

This unit contains Generic Diesel Sound! Revolution 2. 4Ghz Train Engineer Transmitter

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