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Nachfolger des Sailor 46T. Es besteht die Mglichkeit der Nachrstung mit einem quarzgesteuerten 1WattAMSender fr die Seenotwelle 2182 kHz oder 3302 kHz, siehe Sailor 96D. Net weight (2.

2 lb Manuals for Sailor This is the manuals page for Sailor. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. A. Specifications of SAILOR type 46T I. General Description: SAILOR type 46 T is a waterproof transistorized marine receiver operated from builtin batteries or from the vessel's power supply.

For model Sailor 46T, S. P. Radio AS; Aalborg: The little box is the" Sailor 46FB" Transformerbox. Description. Transfer for restoring the fave of a Sailer 46T volt meter. May be suitable for other models SAILOR Ultimate Marine Radio Operation Repair Service Manuals& Schematics; SAILOR Ultimate Marine Radio Operation Repair Service Manuals& Schematics. 19. 95 USD (Sailor 46T, 46TD, og 66T) (Danish) Service Information 27 (AGCkredsloeb i Sailor 66T) (Danish) The Danishmade Sailor SP 46T and R109 are also marine communications receivers.

Back then, Sailor radios had a very distinctive green splashproof case (which the newer models have kept) and a large, round black dial framed by a chrome ring. Description: Disse modtagere er varianter af 16T med stort set samme koncept, men med tekniske forbedringer og videreudviklinger. Alle modtagere kan pbygges en 1 W sender, 36D, som giver mulighed for kommunikation mellem skibe p frekvensen 3302 kHz.

SAILOR Service Information 88 (Change of misprint in T1130 manual) (PDF) SAILOR Service Information 89 (Extend freq. in transmitters in S1302, 3, 4) (PDF) SAILOR Service Information 90 (Lubrication of H1252) (PDF) Electric Generators Direct is an online Apc Manual Transfer Switch superstore, specializing exclusively in Apc Manual Generator Transfer Switches, Apc Portable Generator Transfer Switches and Apc Power Transfer Switches.

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. An authorization letter will automatically download. Fill out on official command letterhead and have signed by your Commanding Officer or By direction. SAILOR MANUALS MANUALS ALWAYS WANTED Please if you have a Manual that is missing from this section

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