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You have checked that the magic eye lights up when it is connected directly into the sky box. So your eye is working correctly. the next step I would take is with your sky remote in your main room. press SERVICES, 4, 0, 1, SELECT go to RF settings and check the rf channel and make sure the power is on.

The Sky plus HD Revision 9 remote control is a direct replacement for the original that comes with your Sky box. This sky remote full function Sky controls. The remote will control both sky HD box and television at the same time.

My current set up is a sky plus box, dvd recorder, and standard sky box located at main TV. I can view all services on 3 other tv's, both sky boxes controlled by magic eye. Mar 02, 2012 This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. Take a look at the handy tips on how to set up your TV Link (Magic Eye) with your SkyHD box.

You can order yours from the Sky Accessories page, with your TV Link you'll be able to watch and control your Sky box from another room. Picture of a Sky Remote control plus a Magic Eye. If you have a new Sky HD. Box with NO aerial connections. and wish to fit a Sky IO link, Now try using you Sky Magic eye sky plus manual control on the magic eye and you should find that it will change channels on the sky box from the second television set.

When you have got your Magic Eye. Oct 14, 2011 Hello, No doubt this has come up before but I couldnt find it I have Sky in the lounge. I have a TV with built in freeview in the bedroom. I want to be able to 'magiceye' sky to the TV in the bedroom but from what I can gather the magic eye connects via the RF coax in. Get our Sky Magic Eye Guide (Free to customers who buy a" magic eye" or associated amplifier from us.

) A lot of people buy their" magic eye" really cheaply from dodgy eBay sellers or other suppliers who are unable to provide technical help. Apr 19, 2011 Just had my SKY box upgraded to HD I have magic eyes in bedrooms and these worked fine with sky Have cabled the HD box exactly same, so aerial in, RF1 to my pvr tv from freeview, rf2 to my distribution amp and magic eyes how to install a sky IO link Plus a video on how to turn the.

9 Volts on in the menu of your sky box to work the IO link and a magic eye. If you have just upgraded your sky box. How to Repair a Sky Magic Eye System; How to set up a Sky Magic Eye to work on a second Television; Nov 18, 2011 Cord Cutting 101 What You Need To Know Before Getting Rid Of Your Cable Service Duration: 7: 57.

Abt Electronics 86, 429 views Watch the same show as everyone else at home in another room with the Sky Magic Eye. An additional coaxial cable required to connect between your digibox and a second TV. Comes with a simple instructions leaflet for easy set up in no time.

Amstrad drx595 manual pdf. Sky satellite dishes, Magic eye sky plus manual, sky digital nokia maps symbian download dishes, systems and accessories. all digiboxes are brand new, complete with accessories and. fast delivery free satellite meter supplied new remote. the sky drx595 is the sky box that replaces the now discontinued standard digiboxes. sky magic eye problem? SkyHD User Guide Welcome to our handy guide designed to help you get the Keeping an eye on available disk space 65 Plus you can set your SkyHD box to record a TV show when youre not in front of your TV using the Sky app or online at sky.

com. magic eye for Sky plus HD. peterwitheridge Posts: 3. Forum Member. I assume that this removes the 9v that the sky magic eye link uses before the amp, and reapplies it the other side of the amp. You'd need to check that.

If so, then you could use the magic eye for one of your" other rooms" without replacing the distribution amp. This magic eye allows a sky box to be controlled from another room via a coaxial extension cable.


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