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Novasonic Pain Relief. What is Intrasonic? It is, in effect, a form of massage at a cellular level deep within the tissue undergoing the treatment.

When the cell is compressed it loses some of its fluid, usually containing waste products and toxins. As the pressure relaxes fresh nutrients are drawn into the cell which starts the First is a Novasonic Massager that can generate a sound vibration of 20, 000 Hertz.

It is not your regular massager and all you have to do is slightly touch the skin and you can feel the sound waves go Instruction Manual Price: 15.

95 (Including VAT at 20) Quantity: Replacement 200 page handbook, as supplied with unit, illustrating the points required for treatments. Use the Novasonic to treat painful joints and speed the healing of accident or injury, as well as the ailments listed on the Pain Relief page.

How do I use Novasonic? Novasonic is lightweight (7oz) and easy to hold (8x3 inches). Sound therapy gadgets. From Keith Richardson's Wiki (too low to be heard) 2. Intrasonic is between 16hz and 20, 000hz. This is the frequency band which Novasonic Therapy uses.

3. Ultrasonic is above 20, 000hz (too high to be heard) Contents. 1 Ultrasound. 1. 1 A rotating massage motion is effective in trimming and smoothing areas of the Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Novasonic Popular at Amazon. com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. SoundCare Plus Pain Relief Device Operating instructions Medical device for pain treatment based on ultrasound INSTRUCTION MANUAL Novafon SK2 Original IntraSound Wave Massager is NOT A FEEL GOOD MASSAGER.

Also known as the Novafon, the Novasonic Professional Massager produces deep, clinically significant intrasound waves, functioning to increase nutrients and healing of tissue at a cellular level. The Novafon Sonic Massager is a precisionmade, electric, therapeutic Novafon Classic SK 1 Novasonic massager manual meat Professional Handheld Massager Novasonic Chrome by Novafon Novasonic Massage Pain Relief Therapy Novasonic massage pain relief is a natural treatment which simply assists natures own healing processes.

How does the Novasonic Device work? Novasonic (By Novafon) Intrasound Professional Massager. Novasonic (By Novafon) Intrasound Professional Massager. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 99. Login Register The Novasonic massager utilizes a sound transducer that vibrates at selected frequencies within the audible range (between 1620, 000 Hertz). Professional fullfeatured Novasonic massager is a precisionmade intrasonic massager for treating with sonic healing waves.

Novasonic Sonic Wave Massager Intrasound Customer Reviews Can these machines help beat pain? Can these machines help beat pain? THE NOVASONIC DELUXE. The Novasonic Deluxe, 155. 95. Tomohon market workers in Indonesia kill dogs and cats for meat; Deep therapeutic massage Safe Intrasound waves (not ultrasound) Both flat and ball sonic heads included Durable metal chrome overlay body Convenient portable case NovaSonic Ultrasonic Professional CHROME Ultrasound Massager Health Care Stuffs

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