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Xbee Pro S3B, Parallax and XCTU no communication. Rick Eis Posts: 15. " The Handson XBee Lab Manual" and couldn't get the XCTU software to see the SB3 which was plugged into a Parallax.

Went on line and started to see the issue with the pins. I removed one of the leds as suggested somewhere, but still could not connect to the SB3. XBeeXBeePRO OEM RF Modules XBeeXBeePRO OEM RF Modules RF Module Operation RF Module Configuration Appendices Product Manual v1. xAx Protocol The contents of this manual may not be transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission of MaxStream, Inc.

Dec 04, 2012 The XSC (S3B) and XSC (S3) modules have a slightly different pinout than the rest of the XBee product line. Pin 6 is used as a config line rather than an RSSI indicator. A legacy feature on the S3B is a diagnostic tool called" pitch mode"when the config line is pulled low during startup, it starts sequentially counting numbers and outputs it View XBeePRO 900HP Modules on our support site View XBeePRO 900HP S3B TH 200Kbps on our support site Recently Viewed Contact a Digi expert and get started today!

Longrange RF connectivity using the DigiMesh S3B protocol XBeePRO DigiMesh 900HP are longrange embedded wireless solutions providing endpoint device connectivity.

These modules use the easytodeploy DigiMesh networking protocol. This innovative, peertopeer network offers added stability through selfhealing, dense network operation and support for sleeping routers, extending the (manual XBeePRO 900HPXBeePRO XSC RF Modules, Sept 6th 2013). The first battle is the RTFM, to X out the irrelevant material. It is a mashup of info on two distinct hardware platforms, the S3 and S3B, and three main firmware options, " HP"" XSC"and the bootloader for the optional Freescale application processor.

The XBeePRO 900 RF module is ideally suited for less powerhungry, lowlatency pointtomultipoint networking applications. Capable of pointtopoint, peertopeer and pointtomultipoint networking, The XBee900 modules have a higher selectable transmitting power of 250mW.

The XBeePRO XSC 900 MHz RF module features two times the throughput and 20 times less current draw than. I have had the chance to do some of my own research and stumbled upon something in the XBee manual. Here is an excerpt from page 77: XBeePro 900 XSC S3B Wire Defaults as of if you ever brick your XBee: Product Family This manual describes the operation of the XBeePRO 900HP RF module, which consists of firmware loaded onto XBee PRO S3B hardware.

XBeePRO 900HP embedded RF modules provide wireless connectivity to endpoint devices in mesh networks. Product support RSS feed for Digi XBeePRO XSC S3B Modules Search our knowledge base for articles related to this product Jul 04, 2014 This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. XBeePRO 900HP and XSC RF Modules S3 and S3B. XBeePRO 900HPXBeePRO XSC RF Modules User Guide (Part number P) encourage existing S3 customers to migrate their systems and designs to the newer and superior S3B platform. This manual also contains documentation for two RF protocols:

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