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Field Guide for the Microtops Sun Photometer Doc. No. Version 2 Ownership: NERC FSF Last Revision This document provides stepbystep instructions on the best use of the Microtops II Sun Photometer.

This instrument is a 5 channel Microtops sunphotometer sun target optics. up vote 11 down vote favorite. 1. What optical principles allow the Microtops sun target to work? optics experimentalphysics.

share cite improve this question. The basic instrument design is described in the manual: The Microtops II sunphotometer is a 5 channel handheld instrument for measuring the atmospheric column easily, accurately and dependably. FSF can now offer four Microtops II sun photometers for loan or hire.

Please contact the FSF Equipment Manager for more information. Manufacturer's user manual; While the ease and relatively low cost of an aircraft manual sun photometer are attractive, determining if the sun photometer was correctly pointed at the sun for each measurement is the biggest challenge. LED Sun Photometry. GLOBE sun photometer and LED Microtops. The Sun and Sky Station came with a 64pp. instruction manual, which I prepared. The manual explained in detail the basics of sun photometry and radiometry and how the product could be calibrated using the Langley method.

It also described how to compare readings from the Abstract The use of handheld Microtops II sun photometers (built by Solar Light Inc. ) on ship platforms is discussed. Their calibration, filter stability, and temperature effects are also described. It is found that under rough conditions, the ship motion causes the largest error, which can result in a bias toward higher optical depths.

In order to minimize this bias, a large number of sun Microtops II Sunphotometer Details Print The Microtops II sun photometer is a 5 channel (440nm, 675nm, 870nm, 936nm, 1020nm), handheld instrument for measuring the direct solar radiance using a 2. 5 viewing angle. An comparison of the total ozone measurements done during 2011 with a Microtops II sun photometer and the Uccle Brewer 16 and 178 instruments Model 540 MICROTOPS II Sunphotometer is a 5 channel handheld sunphotometer for measuring aerosol optical thickness easily, accurately and dependably.

ShipBased Sun Photometer Measurements Using Microtops II. Porter et al, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanographic Technology, Vol. 18,2001. FullText Paper (PDF): Optical characteristics of aerosol determined by CIMEL, PREDE, and microtops II sun photometers over belsk (Poland) Optical characteristics of aerosol determined by Cimel, Prede and Microtops II is a handheld manual device often used in field Microtops II sun photometer provides comparable results to ShipBased Sun Photometer Measurements Using Microtops Sun Photometers JOHN N.

PORTER is a summary of our experience using the Microtops sun photometer to make aerosol optical depth measure This iterative approach minimizes manual pointing errors.

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