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INTRODUCTION! ! ! ! ! OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer Best Pedometer for Walking Accurately Track Steps and Miles, Calories Burned& Speed A Step Tracker for Men& Women Buy your Step Counter today! Fitness Tracker Bands Color Display IP 67 Waterproof, Smart Wristband Bracelet with Sleep, Heart Rate Monitoring Watch Pedometer Calorie Instructions for Setting a Sportline Pedometer. by DARLA FERRARA Sept. 11, 2017. Pedometers require a setup process in order to measure your stride length and to properly record calories and time.

Check the users manual for your model for specific setup instructions. Video of the Day Stride PRESS POCKET PEDOMETER SB5905IS01ROD. indd 10 SB5905IS01ROD. indd 10 7: 57 AM 7: 57 AM Page 14. 2. PRESS& HOLD RESET Current exercise data will be reset to zero. COUNTING STEPS With the Pocket Pedometer stowed securely in a pocket close to the body, start CLEAR CURRENT DATA: Digital Pedometer Model TW310 Contents Safety precautions 2 Features 4 Before using this product 5 Changing the time 6 Lets walk 7 Method of operation 9 About the battery 10 Troubleshooting 12 Speci cationsWarranty 14 Thank you for purchasing the digital pedometer TW310.

Please read this Instruction Manual before using this unit. You can wear your pedometer all day during your walking programthat way, youll track steps, time, and miles throughout your daily routine. And, in addition to tracking steps, your pedometer offers other features. To learn more, scroll through these functions by pressing the MODE button.

Pocket Pedometer Model HJ112 INSTRUCTION MANUAL A Pedometer to Counts Steps, Track Miles& Speed, Counts Calories& Activity Time. No app or computer required. Easy to program& See with the Large Display. I have a Reebok In Color Digital Pedometer on back in says Made in China 1400 I lost my instructions would like Reebok Exercise& Fitness question Counts steps, tracks distance, and measures calories burned. Supports body weights between 80 and 300lbs.

Compact size with belt clip. HOWEVER, pressing the" SET" button after the clock had been previous set and running, will start the manual clock settings from step" 2.

), " " SET Offset Hours" To start

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