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In the camera ranking, Nikon D5300 performs better than Samsung NX30. Find out why! The more focus points the more flexibility in picking which part of the scene to focus on. They also give the image sensor a better probability in identifying the right area of the scene to focus on in more automatic modes. 19. has manual shutter speed Nikon D3400 vs Samsung NX30 Comparison Overview Here we are comparing two cameras with different body types: Nikon D3400 is a EntryLevel DSLR camera with a 24.

0MP APSC sensor whereas Samsung NX30 is a SemiPro Mirrorless camera with a 20. 0MP APSC sensor. If you want to know the equivalent aperture for Samsung NX30, take the aperture of the lens you're using and multiply it with crop factor. Crop factor for Samsung NX30 is 1. 53 More comparisons of Nikon Brand index Samsung Samsung Interchangeable Lens Cameras. Samsung NX30. Announced Jan 2, 2014 Manual focus Yes Number of focus points 247 Lens mount Samsung NX Focal length multiplier 1.

5 Screen viewfinder The NX30 is Samsung's latest update of their DSLRlike mirrorless camera, with focus, EVF, and sensor upgrades. Sensor: 20. 3mp Samsung APS CMOS sensor, 23. 4 x 15. 6 (1. 5x crop) Mount: Samsung LensHero evaluates Samsung NX30 Lenses to find Samsung nx30 manual focus nikon best!

Samsung NX30 vs Nikon D5600: Sensor Comparison Samsung NX30 has a 20. 0MP APSC (23. 5 x 15. 7 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and features DRIMeIV processor. On the other hand, Nikon D5600 has a 24. 0MP APSC (23. 5 x 15. 6 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and features Expeed 4 processor. Based on the Samsung NX30 Manual, Samsung NX30 has a 20. 3MP APSC CMOS sensor. The resolution sensor is used in many NX cameras from Samsung. There is WiFi and NFC connectivity for you who want to share or connect the camera with your smart device.

Built with a hybrid autofocus system and an advanced 20. 3megapixel APSC CMOS sensor, the Samsung NX30 SMART Camera delivers fast focusing and stunning depthoffield and outfocusing effects. The autofocus system combines phase detection autofocus and contrast autofocus for fast, accurate results.

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